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hey guys, we're finally back home. - actually came home yesterday, but .. yeah. So here's what happened. 
At lunch time [Friday] she had a fever of 101.3 so we gave her ibuprofen and it came down. At 6:00 it spiked and was 102.8, another round of ibuprofen, but this time it didn't come down. at 7:30 it was still 102.6 and when i tried to give her some tylenol she threw up and went into a seizure. My mom came and got the other two girls and I rushed her to the hospital. At the hospital it took then 15 minutes or more to get the seizure under control. [meaning in total the seizure lasted 30-40 minutes] 
Then after they got that under control She stopped breathing and they had to ventilate her. She did not breathe on her own and was ventilated for several hours. She was airlifted to a local children's hospital which is an hour away by car. It was a 30 min flight and we arrived in WInston at 10 till midnight. When we got there they took her off the ventilator and 
she began breathing on her own. --- to make a loooong story short, she has aspiration pneumonia. [from getting some drool in her longs while being vented] and they thought she had a bacterial infection in her blood, but it turned out to be a contaminate from skin. [simply from being poked with a needle]
But she's back to being happy playful Eleanor. The  pneumonia has almost cleared itself up since being in the hospital and we continue her antibiotic until monday.

As for granny, well, her diagnosis is terminal. in the last two weeks or so the cancer has spread incredibly far through her colon and has consumed her liver. and they've gone from saying she has 5 months to she will not last more than two weeks. So that's what we came home to. so we are /trying/ to prepare for a funeral. She goes to hospice today or tomorrow. :/ soo... yeah. that sucks, but at least my baby is healthy.

<rant> I am SO tired of our families saying "thank the lord" "oh, thank god" "you better be thanking god for his blessing" 
NO. No no no nono. No bitch. How about you give your graces to the doctors and nurses who literally SAVED HER LIFE. If not for them SHE WOULD BE DEAD. your 'god' did nothing. fuck you for not recognizing the real heros in the situation. </rant>

I will be on hiatus until further notice. My youngest daughter had a really bad seizure yesterday and had to be air lifted to a nearby specialty hospital. We spent the night in ICU but she is doing better now. However my grandmother inlaw was also admitted to the hospital thi am. There is just too much going on right now. I need to take a break until things settle down. So no art from here or svartalvstuteri for a few days at least. Probably the rest of this week. I WILL get art I owe done asap. Just please understand and be patient.

Love you all.
--- Squirrelytodd

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Your real name: Erica Todd
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